Govt readies special directorate on halal in Indonesia: Vice president

Leader of a Chinese delegation Zhu Maa has shown interest in investing in Halal meat industry in Pakistan and exporting it to China and Middle Eastern countries. Photo: AP. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

JAKARTA, Nov 5, 2020, ANTARA. Vice President Ma’ruf Amin spoke of the government having prepared a special directorate on halal in ministries and state institutions, with focus on development of the sharia economy and finance in Indonesia, ANTARA reported.

“The government is preparing a special directorate on halal or sharia in the related ministries and state institutions to facilitate faster decision-making,” Amin stated during a webinar of the Sharia Supervisory Board here on Thursday.

Amin drew attention to the government’s strong commitment to make Indonesia a leader in global sharia economy for which it has prepared some strategic policies.

The government has also developed a sharia financial ecosystem that can accommodate all customers.

“The plan to merge three banks members of Himbara (State-owned Banks Association) and the expansion of micro endowment bank (BWM), Baitul Maal wa Tamwil (BMT), micro sharia financial institution (LKMS), and sharia cooperative units have demonstrated (the government’s commitment),” he stated.

The government’s support is expected to mark a new era of sharia economy and finance that currently has mostly involved private companies and the public, according to Amin.

“It has a bottoms-up approach, so its market share has grown slowly and less progressively. The government’s involvement in the sector is expected to speed up growth of the sharia economy in Indonesia,” he added.

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