Tourism villages to help revive Indonesia’s pandemic-battered economy: Minister

Komodo airport development was part of its effort to support Labuan Bajo as one of Indonesia's priority tourism development to make 10 'New Balis'. Photo: Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

JAKARTA, Jul 30, 2021, ANTARA. Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has called for the development of tourism villages to revive the tourism and creative economy sectors amid the pandemic, ANTARA reported.

He said he expects Indonesia’s tourism to become more reliable and sustainable, and tourism villages will play a huge role in improving regional development and people’s welfare as competitive and sustainable world-class tourism destinations.

“This is a significant fundamental transformation. Tourism sector will be more customized, localized, personalized, and smaller in size. Thus, tourism villages are the solution,” he said at the ‘2021 Indonesia Tourism Villages Awards (ADWI) Online Technical Guidance (Bimtek) and Workshop for Region V’, according to a statement released by the ministry on Thursday.

Tourists are usually attracted to the rural atmosphere of tourism villages, he said.

They can also feel the warmth of the local culture, customs, as well as unique culinary traditions in the villages, he emphasized.

Furthermore, tourism villages are complying with the enforcement of health protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he pointed out.

They usually have minimal crowds, he noted.

This is very different from the situation in the cities or popular tourism destinations, the minister said.

Tourism villages are also expected to reduce urbanization through the development of various economic opportunities, Uno said and lauded the enthusiasm of regional governments and village administrators participating in ADWI 2021.

A total of 1,831 tourism villages registered for the event this year.

“We (Indonesia) have to maintain our hope on the tourism villages. The villages are projected to be the backbone of our economy. They bring hope amid this pandemic,” he emphasized.

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry’s National Mid-term Development Plan (RPJMN) is targeting to turn 244 certified tourism villages into independent tourism villages by 2024.

The ministry will encourage more villages to get certified in future, Uno said.

“Currently, we (the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry) attempt to develop more than 60 tourism villages each year. We will improve their attraction, amenity, and accessibility (3As), comprising basic infrastructures and human resources. We also encourage them not only to sell online, but also to create impressive content – managing well-promoted and scheduled events. The tourism villages have to be adaptive and relevant amid this current condition,” the minister remarked.

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