Infrastructure projects in Indonesia should be linked to tourist areas: Jokowi

JAKARTA, May 10, 2019, ANTARA. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that linking infrastructure projects with tourist areas, small scale industrial centers, production centers, and agricultural and plantation areas will ensure regions progress faster. Infrastructure projects such as toll roads, seaports and airports must be completed soon, Jokowi said here on Thursday, while speaking before governors, mayors and other government officials during the opening of the 2019 National Development Planning Congress, reported the ANTARA.

He said Indonesia can become the fifth or fourth largest economy in the world by 2045, but it would not be easy to achieve.

“If it (that linking infrastructure projects with tourist areas) cannot be done, don’t ever dream (of seeing Indonesia) become the fifth or fourth largest (economy) in the world,” he said.

A strong state economy must be supported by a strong regional economy, he said.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya who attended the opening ceremony of the congress said the tourism industry needs support from other sectors to grow. Hence, support from the infrastructure sector, as instructed by President Jokowi, is a must, he added.

“The Tourism Ministry is ready to support efforts to develop tourist destinations in regions, as instructed by President Jokowi,” he said.

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