Two million bottles of carbolfuchsin prepared for disinfecting mosques in Indonesia

Some virus-combating officers wore protective clothing before conducting the disinfection of Al Munawar Mosque in South Jakarta on Friday (ANTARA/Laily Rahmawaty). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

JAKARTA, Mar 13, 2020, ANTARA. The Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) has readied two million bottles of carbolfuchsin to disinfect mosques across the country as part of the precautionary measures against the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19, ANTARA reported.

“We prepare two million bottles of carbolfuchsin (for mosques) across Indonesia,” DMI General Chairman Jusuf Kalla stated while inspecting the launch of the disinfectant spraying movement at Al-Munawar Mosque in South Jakarta on Friday.

Some 10 thousand mosques in the capital city will be covered under the disinfectant spraying movement.

Carbolfuchsin will be distributed among mosques in Jakarta, especially those unable to afford it, he remarked.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus in mosques, the floors should be cleaned at least every week with carbolfuchsin, the former vice president stated.

For spraying the disinfectant in mosques, the DMI will form a team involving disinfectant manufacturers. In the first stage, the movement will target 10 thousand mosques across the country, he stated.

“We will set up tens of spraying teams. Today, we (sprayed disinfectant in) 10 mosques. We target to spray the disinfectant in at least 20 mosques every day. The number will be increased to 30 mosques daily in future,” he noted.

Seven other patients had tested positive for coronavirus in Indonesia on Wednesday, with most of them having contracted the infection abroad, Achmad Yurianto, a government spokesman for the handling of COVID-19, confirmed.

“As of Wednesday, (we have) seven other patients, with most of them suffering from mild to moderate illness, who are identified as cases 29 and 30, displaying moderate illness. All of them are imported cases (of coronavirus),” he stated at the Presidential Palace compounds here on Wednesday.

The seven patients were identified as cases 28 to 34, he noted.

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