Thousands of houses flooded in Central Java

Flooding in Pekalongan, Central Java on January 27, 2019. ANTARA FOTO/Harviyan Perdana Putra/foc.

BATANG, Jan 28, 2019, ANTARA News. Thousands of houses in Batang and Pekalongan districts and Pekalongan municipality, Central Java, were flooded on Sunday morning following heavy rainfall overnight, reported the ANTARA News.

The flood affected the villages of Proyonangan Tengah, Kauman, Karanganyar, Watusalit, Kalipucang Wetan, Kalipucang Kulon, Klidang Lor, and Klidang Wetan in Batang district, with the water level reaching up to one meter, forcing hundreds of families to evacuate to higher grounds.

In Pekalongan municipality, the flood hit hardest North Pekalongan sub-district, with almost all villages including Panjang Wetan, Kandang Panjang, Bendan, Bandengan, and Pabean flooded.

In Pekalongan district, the flood hit the villages of Wonokerto, Jeruksari, Tirto, and Kajen.

The flood also disrupted traffic on Central Java`s northern coastal highway particularly in the two districts and municipality as several sections of the highway were submerged by floodwater.

Acting chief of the Batang District Natural Disaster Mitigation Office Ulul Azmi said the floodwater which inundated the houses was an average of one meter in depth.

“We have evacuated residents from their flooded homes to higher grounds. They are being sheltered in seven different places including the meeting hall of the Batang district head`s office, mosques, and command posts of Karangasem and Watusalit villages,” he said.

He said the Batang district government is monitoring a number of affected areas.

Reporting by Kurnadi, Suharto

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