India trusts Modi to handle China, but want befitting reply: Survey

Rahul Gandhi (File Photo: Reuters). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

NEW DELHI, Jun 24, 2020, One India. Amidst the tensions along the Line of Actual Control, a survey has said that only 39 per cent of the people trust Rahul Gandhi on national security, One India reported.

The IANS CVoter snap poll says that 61 per cent do not trust Rahul Gandhi on national security. 14.4 per cent people said that they trust Rahul Gandhi to a great extent, while 24.3 said that they trust him to a certain extent.

Diplomatic talks between India China held amidst border row Further the survey found that India overwhelmingly trust Prime Minister Narendra Modi to handle China. However the respondents said that they want retribution against China and suitable revenge.

The founder-director of CVoter International, Yashwant Deshkmukh said that the question has gone beyond trustworthiness. The nation supports PM Modi, but there is a fundamental shift that now China is seen as a bigger enemy. However the public mood wants a befitting reply to China.

The poll also found that 68.2 per cent would boycott Chinese goods. However 31.8 per cent said nothing of this sort will happen. More than 60 per cent however felt that China has not got a befitting reply. 68.3 per cent said that China is the bigger problem for India than Pakistan.

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