India takes on Pakistan for ‘disinformation campaign’ at UN human rights body

Man with saber. © REUTERS / Akhtar Soomro. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

NEW DELHI, Apr 30, 2020, Hindustan Times. India on Thursday targeted Pakistan at a special virtual meeting of the UN human rights agency on the Covid-19 pandemic, saying it was engaged in a “disinformation campaign” instead of tackling a rising number of Coronavirus infections, Hindustan Times reported.

Delivering India’s statement at the virtual meeting with special procedures, first secretary Mini Kumam of India’s permanent mission to the UN in Geneva, said without naming Pakistan: “It’s sad that instead of joining the global and regional efforts in combating Covid-19, one country continues its disinformation campaign against India.

“One can only advise this country to focus its efforts in tackling the pandemic domestically and particularly the sharp rise in number of cases only in the occupied territories and addressing the discrimination meted out to its minorities even in these hard times.”

In recent weeks, Pakistani authorities have faced criticism over reports that members of the Hindu minority in Karachi were not provided relief materials by an NGO. The Imran Khan government’s handling of the pandemic has also faced criticism within Pakistan.

During the virtual meeting on the Covid-19 pandemic, India said the impact of the crisis is “still unfolding in a multidimensional manner, including on human rights and fundamental freedoms”. India said the guidelines issued by the special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing are “very relevant in this crisis”.

“As we all are aware, the flow of information is very crucial is carrying out mandated activities by the special procedures. In the current situation, we would like to ask how the pandemic has affected the flow of credible information to the special procedures,” the Indian statement said.

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