Servant of People party leading with 43.1% of votes after 90% of ballots counted in Ukraine

CHERKASY, UKRAINE - JULY 21, 2019: Electoral officials count votes at Polling Station 717256 in Ukraine's 2019 parliamentary election. Konstantin Sazonchik/TASS. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

KIEV, Jul 23, 2019, TASS. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s Servant of People party has received 43.10% of votes in the Sunday snap parliamentary election after 90% of ballots were counted, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said on Tuesday, reported the TASS.

A total of five parties overcame the five-percent threshold. Opposition Platform For Life received 12.94% of votes, former president Pyotr Poroshenko’s European Solidarity — 8.18%, former prime minister Yulia Timoshenko’s Batkivschina — 8.18% and singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s Golos (Voice) — 5.92%.

A snap parliamentary election was held in Ukraine on July 21. Voter turnout stood at 49.84%, the lowest ever in the hisotyr of Ukrainian parliamentary elections.

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