Bubonic plague triggered health alert in China

An employee handles trial vaccine samples at a COVID-19 vaccine production base of Sinopharm in Beijing. [Photo/Xinhua]. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

TAIPEI, Jul 7, 2020, WP. Chinese public health authorities are stepping up precautions to prevent a potential bubonic plague outbreak in a remote northern region after a herder contracted the disease, although the risk of large-scale infections is low with the availability of modern medicine, The Washington Post reported.

The health commission in Bayannur city in the region of Inner Mongolia raised its public health warning to its third-highest of four alert levels on Sunday and banned the hunting, skinning and transportation of rodents that might carry the bacteria, known as Yersinia pestis. The municipal government raised its alert level by one notch to “standard plague outbreak alert,” which meant humans have been infected.

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