China’s first Hualong One nuclear reactor begins operations

China's first nuclear facility using Hualong One technology – a domestically developed third-generation reactor design. Photo: Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

BEIJING, Jan 30, 2021, AP. China National Nuclear Corp. said its first nuclear power unit that uses Hualong One, a third-generation nuclear reactor, started commercial operations on Saturday, AP reported.

The reactor, located in the city of Fuqing city in China’s southeastern Fujian province, was designed to have a 60-year lifespan, with its core equipment domestically produced. Each unit of the Hualong No. 1 has a capacity of 1.161 million kilowatts and can meet the annual domestic electricity demand of 1 million people in moderately developed countries, according to China National Nuclear Corp, or CNNC.

“With Hualong One online, China is now at the forefront of third-generation nuclear technology in the world, alongside countries like the United States, France and Russia,” said CNNC President Yu Jianfeng.

Yu said the commercial use of Hualong One will also reduce carbon emissions and help achieve China’s low-carbon goals such as carbon neutrality before 2060.

A second Hualong One unit is due to be completed later this year.

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