Sweden shows interest in lithium mining development in Peru

Photo by the ANDINA. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

LIMA, Jun 8, 2019, ANDINA. Sweden is interested in participating in the development of the lithium mining industry in Peru, as it is an essential raw material to produce electric car batteries, Swedish State Secretary to Minister for Foreign Trade Niklas Johansson has affirmed, reported the ANDINA.

In this sense, the official indicated the European country has focused its attention on the development of new environment-friendly technologies, such as the use of lithium.

“Lithium is a mineral that will be successful in the upcoming years. Right now, our companies are seeking lithium for their products,” he told Andina news agency.

It should be noted Plateau Energy Metals mining company has found large reserves of lithium carbonate —surpassing 4 million tons— in southern Peru, Puno region.

Likewise, Johansson pointed out there are important car manufacturers in Sweden, such as Volvo and Scania that opt for innovation and efficient energies.

“We are investing plenty of resources in battery technologies, and lithium is one of the minerals the whole world will need,” he added.

Furthermore, the European official stated the development of this mining industry must be carried out in a sustainable way, a subject the Swedish industry puts a special emphasis on.

Remarks were made after attending the event “Mining for the Future: Sweden’s Experience,” held by Peru’s College of Engineers in Lima.

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