Guaido urges global community to consider ‘all variants’ for Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido © EPA-EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

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CARACAS, Feb 24, 2019, TASS. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido urged the international community to be ready to consider all options for settling the political crisis in Venezuela, reported the TASS News Agency.

“Today’s events force make to make a decision: to officially announce to the international community that we should be open to all variants for liberating our country, which fights and will keep fighting,” Guaido wrote in a Twitter post.

“Pressure from the inside and from the outside plays the key role in the liberation,” he added.

On Saturday, the opposition tried to deliver foreign international aid to the country despite the official government’s resistance. Fierce clashes between opposition activists and law-enforcement officers took place in several border regions. To date, several deaths were reported, and hundreds of people were injured.

Guaido earlier said in a TASS interview that the opposition would press for incumbent Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s resignations through democratic and not violent methods.

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